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Blue Stone Management is a construction-consulting firm known for innovative project delivery

Unlike most rigidly control management based methods that bind projects by limitations, we have created a delivery model committed to agile systems, dynamic teams, simple processes, and full team engagement. Our management is consistently proven to be effective and meaningful on projects by realizing opportunities and providing creative solutions regardless of project size or location.

With great success from project initiation through to completion, we have earned an outstanding reputation for integrity and quality.

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The Blue Stone Way

Six reasons why we are the best company to manage your next project


Nuestro éxito depende sólo del éxito de su proyecto.


Best in class delivery requires an unrelenting consistency on every undertaking. We structure our teams to deliver with a hands on approach right through to managing principals.


Creating an environment of communication supported by clear and precise planning and reporting procedures.


In an industry that is not black and white, we recognize there are many shades of grey. We address every challenge utilizing our proven systems with improvised and adaptive thinking.


The people of Blue Stone are tested and proven to deliver. Collectively we distinguish ourselves with an uncompromising obligation to our core principals and our clients.


Our experts create solutions that bring s great value to our clients. Delivering exceptional services resulting from a collaborative process of multidisciplinary professional team.

Our Services

Blue Stone provides an unrivaled suite of services focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations through a broad range of creative solutions.

Project Management

Driving efficiency and managing risk at all stages from initi-ation, planning, execution, to handover.

Project Management


  • Project efficiencies
  • Managed risk
  • Professional guidance
  • Ethical practices
  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Project best use solutions
  • Timely advice
  • Concise reporting

Unlike most rigidly controlled management base methods that bind projects by limitations, we have created a delivery model committed to agile systems, dynamic teams, simple processes, and full team engagement, Our Management is consistently proven to be effective and meaningful on projects by realizing opportunities and providing creative solutions regardless of project size or location


Strategic Planning | Project Systems and Controls | Project Team Management | Project Review and Appraisal | Technical Due Diligence | Feasibility Studies | Project Monitoring | Programming and Scheduling | Critical Path Analysis | Project Evaluation | Risk Management | Design Team Management | Contractual Negotiations | Procurement Strategies | Execution | Value Management | Project Close Out

Quantity Surveying

An emphasis on value - Cost Management that minimizes the financial risk and focus on maximizing return

Quantity Surveying


  • Proactive cost management
  • Comprehensive early cost advice
  • Independent appraisal
  • Maximized value engineering
  • Project best use analysis
  • Concise financial reporting
  • Timely advice
  • Professional service

Blue Stone Management's focus is in value. Our central goal is to ensure you obtain excellent value in terms of return on investment and that your risk is minimized from project inception to handover. Our philosophical approach to Value Engineering hinges on the belief that proposed design concepts must link back to your strategic objectives driving the project


Design Management

Strategies based on the relationship between creative process and business decisions

Design Management


  • Early risk identification
  • Complete design oversight
  • Initial cost savings
  • Maintain design integrity
  • Manage expectations
  • Coordinate all disciplines
  • Maintain design time schedules
  • Quality control

Working effectively with both internal and external design teams, our design managers bridge design direction with project deliverables. Our approach is about combining inspiring design with managed processes, allowing the design integrity to flourish while managing quality, coordinating teams, and making deadlines.


Design Strategic Planning | Design Reviews | Design Monitoring and Coordination | Design Team management | Procurement Strategy | Value Engineering | Brand Design Coordination | Coordination of Statutory Submissions | Design Programme | Mockups and Materials Inspections

Construction Management

Increasing productivity in the field with site controls and on site representation

Construction Management


  • Independent advisor delivery
  • On Site efficiencies
  • Managed construction risk
  • Professional site logistics guidance
  • Ethical practices
  • Project transparency
  • Contractor performance efficiencies
  • Concise reporting

When the built environment is exposed to excessive risk leading to potential schedule delays cost overruns, potential quality issues or site incidents, our on site service provides a way forward management solution in the field. Working with the appointed on site construction team, we act as an independent advisor focused on site logistic efficiencies and construction risk mitigation strategies.


Strategic Site Planning | On Site Controls | Site Team Management | Field Conditions Review and Appraisal | Technical Due Diligence | Site Logistics Studies | On Site Monitoring | Programming and Scheduling | Critical Path Analysis | Project Evaluation | Risk Management | Construction Activity Reporting | Labor, Material and Plant Loading Strategies | Trade Management | Project Handover

Tenancy Coordination

Bringing everyone together to deliver one seamless project

Tenancy Coordination


  • Coordination approach
  • Tenant alignment
  • Managed tenant risk
  • Professional site logistics guidance
  • Project transparency
  • Concise reporting
  • Guidance and synchronized solution

From the design stage to project completion, our team aligns tenants with landlord objectives. We develop and implement protocols that track and monitor the status of tenants from design to construction. Our delivery method guides tenant compliance with base building and facility requirements and keeps all parties up to date with ongoing modifications.


Strategic Tenant Planning | On Site Controls | Design Process Planning | Tenant Management | Programming, scheduling, and Coordination | Monitoring and Activity Reporting | Project Evaluation | Risk Management | Contractor Coordination | Space Handover | Project Handover

Best Practice

Guiding our client teams and their systems to create a best delivery approach

Best Practice


  • Internal efficiences
  • Unified teams
  • Top down review
  • Independent expert advice
  • Collaborative guidance
  • Team building
  • Personalized solutions

Effective practice recognizes the uniqueness of a company and implements protocols that align with company vision and culture. Our best practice program is designed to help ourclients' internal teams improve their effectiveness by providing solutions that fill gaps, eliminate redundancies and put systems in place to bolster and support their existing infrastructure.


Strategic Objectives Planning | Systems Auditing | Staff Reviews | Staff Workshops | Stand Operating Procedures Manuals | Talent Management | Second Staffing | ISO Registration Management

"The BSM team have proven to be professional, agile, proactive, and remain committed to our project's success"

(Wayne RJ Crossley, Global PM Director, DFS Group)

Our Offices

With project teams located worldwide, two headquartered offices drive our creative process and oversee our reputation for excellence.


Our founding office in Los Angeles is where it all started for Blue Stone. Blue Stone Americas has grown to support our teams in the United States from east coast to west coast, across the pacific, throughout the Caribbean and into Latin America.


Blue Stone Hong Kong office is the foundation of our Asia expansion. This group has supported our teams across Cambodia, China, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan and further spearheaded our successful delivery in Europe and the UAE.

Meet The Team

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Kurt Bendler

Founder & Managing Director

Michael Unwin


Mike Harvey


Joanne Sit

Associate Director

Stephanie Leung

Associate Director

Sean Pinfold

Associate Director

Imin Lu


Matt McGuire

Commercial Manager

Victoria Nakamura



What others are saying about us

The BSM team have proven to be professional, agile, proactive and remain committed to our projects success

Wayne RJ Crossley
Global PM Director, DFS Group

The Quality of the Blue Stone Management’s services has been highly professional

Michael Ferrera
Senior Director, Store Planning & Design SKP

The leadership and passion from the Blue Stone team greatly helped me to bring the Harley Davidson dream alive in Hong Kong

David Neilson
Owner, Harley Davidson of Hong Kong

Blue Stone Management have a highly organized team, competent in managing complex projects with challenging schedules

Jeremy Tang
Managing Director, Bounce Inc

It’s how a team deal and react to challenges that defines excellence and BSM rose to the occasion at every opportunity.

Kevin Tranbarger
Director of Design and Construction, Hand in Hand for Haiti

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